Becky Rowe Jewellery, Handmade in Guernsey

Beautiful Jewellery, handmade by Becky Rowe in Guernsey

Becky Rowe Jewellery

Becky Rowe has established herself as one of Guernsey’s leading independent jewellers. Young, passionate and committed to producing unique, hand-finished pieces, she is best known for working with her clients to create stunning bespoke jewellery.

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After founding the successful line, My-D, Becky has re-launched the business under her own name, retaining her trademark Angel. Becky Rowe stands for quality. She crafts the antiques of the future, family treasures to be passed down through generations. 

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Using precious metals and stones, exclusive to every design, each set of wedding and engagement rings designed by Becky Rowe is as individual as the couple who will wear and cherish them. Becky understands how important it is to get your engagement and wedding rings just right and works closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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Bespoke Jewellery

From timeless elegance to contemporary, a piece with a vintage feel or something quirky and fun - Becky perfectly captures exactly what you are trying to say. Working closely with her clients on very special, often sentimental pieces, results in the creation of some of Becky’s most striking pieces. Whether it is starting from scratch or breathing new life into an heirloom piece of family jewellery by transforming it into something more modern, these bespoke commissions are where Becky really shines.

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