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Becky Rowe Jewellery are proud to be exclusive C.I. stockist of C6 by Anne Cohen

by Sam Rowe | February 14, 2015

The C6 design concept is based on the philosophy of C6 as a symbol of life. Black as coal and clear as light itself. This duplicity and the elements’ duality embody the magic of the elemental cornerstone, C6 of the living world. The design also plays with time, space and being. An evolution from supernova explosions to modern technology. An existential state of mind by the simplicity of C6 and yet complex.

The design concept is shaped by the uniqueness and duplicity of the element it is named after and with the concept carrying the chemical name for carbon in the periodic table. The C6 is based on usage of pure carbon atoms materialized in multiple forms, with the jewelry composed of carbon in two completely different appearances - namely graphite and diamond. Combining science and aesthetics, the C6 design concept brings the diamond back into a beautiful cradle of its natural element. With its stringent and minimalistic design it is authentic, contemporary and timeless. 

Every piece is carefully crafted by hand and is a long process from raw fibre to the final ring. All settings are placed directly in to the carbon fibre without any additional materials, which gives a unique ring that consists only of pure carbon atoms.

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